• Is this a scam?
    No please watch our sponsored videos to see how our service works. We do not need your password, only your username!
  • Withdrawals are not working what to do?
    Please join the discord and let the staff know.
  • Why did I not get rewarded for an offer I did?
    We do not handle offer payouts, please navigate to the offerwall you found the offer on and contact their support for more assistance.
  • Are there any giveaways?
    Yes there are, join the Discord to participate.
  • What group should I join?
    After you have earned funds the site will give you a group to join. The site will automatically payout your username after that is done.
  • The site is out of funds, what to do?
    If the site is out of stock let us know through the Discord server. We will reward users that let us know.
  • I do not see the robux I earned what to do?
    Offers and surveys take time to respond and let us know that you have finished them. Please wait at least 30 min after offer completion before contacting support on Discord.